Monday 3 August 2015

The VE1YAR VHF repeater is currently off the air

Hello All,

Just a quick post to let you know that VE1YAR VHF (146.730) is currently off the air. The Captain's Net has been moved over to VE1EKV (147.105 +) until further notice. VE1EKV still has access to MAVCOM but does not have IRLP access.

We have the following repeaters that are available for use:

1. VE1YAR UHF (444.700 +)
2. VE1LN VHF (146.865 -)
3. VE1LN UHF (442.700 +)
4. VE1EKV VHF (147.105 +)

Other local repeaters (not YARC managed) available for use:

1. VE1OPK VHF (147.255+)
2. VE1KDE UHF (443.800 +)

The club is going to be purchasing a new repeater to replace the old 730 machine.  This will likely take a few weeks to receive and configure.

73 for now!

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